Our PRM resources include ebooks that cover a range of channel management topics, including program design and how to select a PRM solution.


How to Build Strategic, Competitive Channel Programs: Smart Advice from 7 Channel Experts

The stakes have never been higher to cut through the competition and ensure you’re connecting with your partners in a way that creates value for everyone.


9 Questions to Ask Before Selecting A PRM Solution

Find the best PRM solution fit for your channel program. Partner Relationship Management software is a critical tool for effective channel marketing automation, channel sales management, and partner success.


Partner Profiles: 7 Smart Strategies for Channel Growth

Partner profiles can be rich data repositories of channel partner results and demographics if created with the end goal in mind: a successful, profitable and ongoing partner relationship.


Preparing for GDPR: What Channels Need to Know to be Ready

Every channel organization is a dynamic and complex machine that is driven by interactions with their prospects, partners, their partner’s contacts, as well as technology to enable these communications.


How to Build A Successful Channel Partner Program: A Roadmap

This roadmap ebook has been designed as a practical guide to help you navigate the creation of your plan, and will lay out the steps required to build a solid foundation for a successful partner program.


Crucial Channel Conversations You Need to Have

Are you having those meaningful, critical conversations with the key people involved in your channel? Download this eBook to understand what the right conversations are, and when you need to have them to best grow your channel.


How to Create An Effective Partner Training Program

Download this ebook to learn how to create partner training content that will enable your partners to be successful, delivered in a way that they’re willing to use.


5 Habits of Channel Manager Rock Stars

Download this eBook to learn the 5 essential habits Channel Rock Stars have in common, and how you can adopt these habits into your own channel role.


5 Keys to Building Strong Relationships in Channel Marketing

Instantly learn 5 ways you will find success building and maintaining strong relationships with your channel partners by following the same principles you use when interacting with friends, or even finding love.


We offer our on-demand webinars as free resources on partner relationship management software and channel management-specific topics.

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