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The Admin Guide to PRM

Your channel team has told you they need a tool to support partners and it needs to integrate with your implementation. As the Salesforce Administrator for …

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Creating A Kick Butt Partner Recruitment Process

Partner recruitment is a critical component of any successful channel program, and it starts with a shift away from thinking of partner recruitment as a launch activity. …

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New Features: Activity Reports, UI Walkthrough & more

We recently launched several new features, including three brand new activity reports that provide detailed and summarized data on your User’s activity in your partner portal: Activity …

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4 Things Your Partner Relationship Management Solution Shouldn’t Do

  Partner Relationship Management (PRM) systems offer a rich collection of core functionality that is the backbone of a channel program, including recruiting tools, your partner portal, …


How to Create An Effective Partner Training Program

Download this ebook to learn how to create partner training content that will enable your partners to be successful, delivered in a way that they’re willing to use.

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Is Your Partner Training Being Ignored? This May Be Why

Effective training is at the core of partner success. The key to that success is knowing what type of training partners need and the most efficient way …

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6 PRM Landmines to Avoid in your Partner Program

Over the years we have worked with partner programs of all sizes and configurations, and have been asked how to accomplish a multitude of things within our …

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What Does a Hamster Have to do with Good Partner Content?

Channel content creation is often the Achilles heel of a partner program. Providing partners the right content is a key program foundation piece, but partner content needs …

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Security Advisory: Channeltivity Dropping TLS 1.0 And 1.1 Support

Starting February 20th, 2017, Channeltivity will begin disabling TLS 1.0 and 1.1. While most users won’t notice, anyone with an old web browser that doesn’t support TLS …

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What’s My ROI on Partner Relationship Management?

We’ve seen that a vast majority of technology companies today want to drive revenue through the addition of an indirect channel. When they begin to create their channel …