Partner Enablement Software

Channel partner enablement is a critical aspect of a successful channel strategy. Having a defined process for getting partners trained and equipped with the knowledge, tools and resources to effectively sell your products helps build strong, loyal relationships, improve your brand reputation, and most importantly drive revenue growth. 

Built specifically for technology companies, Channeltivity makes it easy to enable your partners and get them ramped up and productive. 

Partner Enablement

How Channeltivity Enables Your Partners

Using Channeltivity’s three partner enablement modules make it easy to onboard your partners and get them productive fast. The modules follow best practices to guide partners through the recruitment and agreement process, provide them with the necessary training and certification, and help you plan and execute your joint business plan effectively.

Partner Recruitment

The Partner Recruitment module streamlines the workflow from prospective to active partner. Robust functionality helps you capture the right information with a comprehensive application form, and identify and select the right partners for your program based on key partner profile fields. The built-in workflows take prospective partners through qualification, approvals and contracts. 

Partner Recruitment
partner training & certification

Partner Training & Certification

The Training & Certification module provides a powerful and integrated LMS to handle all your channel training and certification needs. Easily set up learning paths and certifications, each with their own required courses and exams. Automate the awarding, expiration and renewal of certifications and report on them behind the scenes to establish a complete picture of partners’ commitment. With support for popular training content formats, the Training & Certification module includes everything you need enable your partners’ learning. 

Joint Business Planning

Partner alignment is key to a successful partner program and the Business Planning module is a great vehicle for achieving this alignment. Configure business plan template to capture your go-to-market plans, target account lists, and SWOT analyses, and set KPIs with all your partners. 

Keeping plans in an accessible place keeps you and your channel partners on track, moving toward goals, identifying successes, and pivoting when a different direction is needed.

Joint Business Planning

What is Channel Partner Enablement, Actually?

Channel partner enablement is the process of providing partners with the training, tools, and resources they need to successfully sell and support your products or services.

The main goal of channel partner enablement is to equip your partners with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively promote your company’s offerings — increasing sales for you and your partners.

Channel partner enablement can include:

  • Training partners on product features, benefits, and common sales motions
  • Providing partner support processes
  • Creating and distributing marketing materials 
  • Making product and sales resources readily available
  • Offering partners a dashboard to track their KPIs

Why is Partner Enablement Important?

There’s a strong correlation between successful enablement and successful partners. Enabling a new partner lays the foundation for a strong partnership and value proposition to prospects, which drives revenues.

But partner enablement has other benefits, too, like fostering partner loyalty, boosting your brand reputation, and increasing your marketing reach. The catch is that you don’t have the time to spend enabling partners one-on-one, so having a tool to automate enablement is key.

Channeltivity’s partner portal allows you to enable partners at scale by providing:

  • Clear criteria for joining your channel partner program
  • Training to understand and sell your product 
  • Certifications to build recognized expertise and confidence
  • Joint business planning to create alignment and accountability

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