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Marketing is an essential component of any channel program, and you need the right channel marketing software to support it.

Whether you’re marketing to your partners (to-channel-marketing) or with your partners to their prospects (through-channel-marketing), a centralized platform for sharing collateral and executing marketing initiatives greatly improves your reach and the success of your program as a whole.

Built specifically for high-tech channel programs, Channeltivity makes it easy to launch and maintain successful channel marketing efforts. This grows revenues and creates happy, successful reseller partners.

channel marketing software

Channeltivity Makes Channel Marketing Easy

Channeltivity’s four channel marketing modules give you everything you need.

The central component is the partner portal, a secure springboard to your online partnership offerings. From there, other channel marketing modules include the library, which allows sharing marketing materials and other assets, email marketing capabilities to send individualized marketing messages, the MDF module to manage joint marketing funds, and the co-branded collateral module, which allows partners to create professional co-branded marketing materials within your brand guidelines.

Partner Portal

Channeltivity’s partner portal is the starting point for partners to access all channel program functions within your PRM. The partner portal acts as a repository for content partners need to learn about, market, and sell your products.  Powerful Content Management System (CMS) tools give admins the ability to create rich, partner-individualized landing pages that highlight messaging and content based on the partner persona and permissions.

Partner Portal Software
marketing resource library

Resource Library

Stop wasting your time responding to partner requests for information and start giving your channel secure access to marketing materials and other resources with the Library module. Channeltivity allows you to set up flexible permissions based on partner company, tier, geography, products sold and more. Reduce the friction in your partner program and give resellers self-service access to the most current resources they need for success.

MDF Management

With Channeltivity, managing marketing development funds has never been easier. The MDF module simplifies the process for partners by allowing them to submit requests, respond to inquiries, attach receipts, and view their account balance and history. 

On top of those features, Channeltivity’s MDF module uses intelligent fund allocation, ensuring that expiring funds are used first. On the back-end admins can quickly approve MDF requests, assign them to partner managers, and view ROI by linking deal registrations to MDF-funded activities. 

Marketing Development Fund Management Software
Channel Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing

With Channeltivity’s Email Marketing module, channel marketers can communicate directly to their partners, keeping them informed of new program updates, resources, product launches and more.

Personalized emails help to maintain a strong connection with partners, encouraging them to regularly visit the portal and ensuring your company remains top-of-mind. This feature makes it easy to stay connected with resellers and keep them up-to-date with the latest information.

Co-Branded Collateral

With the Co-Branded Collateral module in Channeltivity, partners can create professional-looking, on-brand materials — without relying on your creative team. Partners simply upload their logo to pre-customized templates, make edits to text if necessary, and then download their brochure, deck, case study, or one-pager to start selling.

The co-branded collateral module eliminates the time-consuming task of customizing content for each individual partner, streamlining the process and freeing up your team’s resources.

Co-Branded Collateral

What is Channel Marketing, Actually?

Channel marketing is a strategy used by companies to promote their products or services through a network of partners, such as resellers and distributors.

The aim of channel marketing is to reach new customers and increase market share by leveraging partner relationships, expertise, and resources. Channel marketing can take many forms, including joint marketing initiatives, product training, sales support, and partner incentive programs. 

When done well, channel marketing is a mutually beneficial exercise — both parties benefit from increased sales, marketing exposure, and customer engagement.

Channel Marketing Software in the High Tech Space

Channel marketing for technology companies is different from other industries.

First, technology companies often have complex products and solutions that require specific knowledge to sell effectively. And these products and solutions are constantly changing. A big priority of channel marketing in tech is effectively communicating a company’s ever-evolving product offering via partner portal, email marketing, and social channels.

This product complexity often translates to longer, more complex sales cycles that demand solid marketing support (in the form of case studies, whitepapers and co-branded collateral) and increased vendor-partner collaboration. On the marketing side, vendors will address this need by providing a rich resource library of product marketing materials, easily co-brandable assets, and marketing development funds to promote joint campaigns. 

To keep up with the rapid pace of the tech world, companies need to embrace channel marketing software that maximizes efficiency and usability. With so many products and vendors vying for their attention, channel partners have little patience for processes and tools that aren’t quick and easy.

There are marketing software packages that are part of partner relationship management solutions like Channeltivity that are specifically designed for high tech channel programs. Using an industry-specific solution is a big factor in reducing friction, improving communication, and optimizing channel performance.

In addition to its effect on channel marketing software, the specific requirements of the technology industry also apply to the greater field of channel management as a whole and require specialized software in all areas, including partner enablement and channel sales. 

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