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Partner Training & Certification

Training and Certification

Create, promote and automate the delivery of training materials, test knowledge, and track partner progress from within a familiar interface.

Usage Pricing
Videos, Images, Rich Text, Embedded Content
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SCORM Content
A registration consists of a single user accessing a SCORM module for the first time. Additional registrations are purchased at the start of a billing cycle. If you experience higher than anticipated registrations, the additional costs will be applied to the following invoice.
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Distributor Management

Distributor Management

Streamline the complexities of a two-tier selling model and unlock distributor functionality across your partner portal, adding the ability to set distributor permissions for deal registrations, MDF requests, training & certification content, joint business plans and more.

MDF Management

MDF Management

The Marketing Development Funds (MDF) Module simplifies and helps you run the entire MDF management process inside your Partner Relationship Management solution.

Joint Business Planning

Joint Business Planning

The Business Planning Module provides a configurable template that you can use to jointly create, edit and periodically review a detailed business plan with each partner.


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