Partner Content Library

A central component of every channel program is a resource library that allows efficient sharing of resources and content with partners. Channeltivity provides this functionality and more, giving you everything you need to organize, permission, and share content with your resellers and distributors.

partner resource library

All-In-One Partner Resource Library

Easily accessible within your partner portal, the Library gives your channel partners self-service access to all the content they need to be successful. Whether it’s price lists, marketing materials, tech docs, email templates, articles, or videos, Channeltivity’s Library module creates an engaging, searchable, and well-structured content repository that makes all your digital assets easily discoverable and accessible.

Usability, Design, and Engagement

The user interface is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, enabling partners to easily navigate, filter, and search for the resources most relevant to their needs. The interplay of functionality and design creates an immediately familiar experience. As a result, channel partners can jump right in and find the materials they need without spending time orienting themselves.

In addition to the user engagement promoted by the clean design, administrators have the ability to highlight certain areas and content to enhance the user experience. Imagery and thumbnails — either automatically generated or uploaded manually — give channel marketers flexibility over content appearance. 

Flexible Library Configurations

Channeltivity’s Resource Library can be seamlessly configured to cater to a wide spectrum of partner programs and channel marketing requirements. Whether your program has substantial content that calls for a highly structured folder tree approach or your assets require a more specialized tag-based categorization, the module can accommodate all use cases. More info: Knowledge Base article on Library Configuration

Content Rating

Use the Library’s built-in content rating functionality to easily collect feedback from your partners. The ratings both guides your users to the most useful resources and also gives you valuable insights and data. Use this input to guide content creation to ensure it always hits the mark and is well-received.

Social Sharing

Use the Social Sharing feature to extend the reach of your thought leadership. By enabling social sharing, partners can seamlessly post select Library content to LinkedIn, bolstering your brand visibility and strengthening your thought leadership position within your industry. Partners then become active advocates of your expertise across their professional networks.

Partner Library

Easy Library Content Management

Managing content in the Channeltivity Library is easy. Admins can independently add content of all kinds of types, set permissions to ensure the right users have access, add tags to make content easily discoverable, and then report on utilization.

Support For Multiple Content Types

The Library is a flexible repository of channel partner resources and supports all kinds of content, including:

  • File uploads (PDFs, images, spreadsheets, documents, ZIP archives, etc. – anything!)
  • Folders
  • Videos (video files, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Articles (formatted text with images)
  • Links

Whether it’s sales and marketing content, partner program guidelines, price lists, white papers, or technical integration docs, all have a home in the Library. Channeltivity also offers tools for partners to create Co-branded Collateral from the content you provide. Click here to learn more.

Powerful and Flexible Permissions

Robust permissions management gives you complete control over content access. Ensure partners only have access to the materials they should by filtering on any number of factors, including:

  • Partner company
  • Program tier level
  • Geography
  • Role
  • and more

By tailoring access in this manner, you can streamline resource utilization, enhance partner engagement, and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive channel partner program information. Regardless of your needs, our permissions system offers a flexible and secure approach to managing content accessibility within your partner ecosystem.

Content Attributes & Tagging

Going beyond traditional content management, Channeltivity’s partner Library can improve the discoverability of your content with custom fields (also known as content attributes) and tags.

Use custom fields to attach specific attributes to content, such as product categories or content language so partners can filter and locate relevant materials with precision.

Additionally, tags provide a versatile way to label content based on themes, topics, or keywords. This facilitates quicker searches and promotes efficient content exploration.

The dual approach of custom fields and tags ensures that your partners can effortlessly find the content they need, enhancing their experience while optimizing resource utilization across your partner ecosystem.

Reporting and Analysis Tools

Built-in reporting and analysis tools give you valuable insights into partner download activity. Most importantly, this lets you know the content and collateral used most and by whom. Use our comprehensive reporting features to:

  • Track real-time utilization and usage patterns
  • Identify popular content
  • Gauge the effectiveness of your content strategy

Using a data-driven approach allows continuous refinement of your offerings, therefore meeting the evolving needs of your partners and optimizing their engagement. 

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