Social Sharing & Collaboration

Enable Partners to Quickly Share Your Content Across Social Media

Amplify your thought leadership and make your social media and blog content available to your partners within your portal. They can then easily share your content across their Twitter, Facebook, and other social feeds.

channel partner collaboration

Collaborate with Partners in a Secure Partner Forum

The online, secure forum from your Channeltivity Partner Portal can speed partner issue resolution, shorten the sales cycle, and ease pressure on your support team. Channeltivity is business collaboration software built for the channel.

  • Partners can pose questions and gain answers from other partners.
  • You can add categories, threads and posts, and approve postings to ensure a productive sharing environment.
  • Communications are opened for different experts to assist on different topics.

As you onboard new partners, the business collaboration forums are a great resource for them to feel connected to a team of like-minded professionals that can help them gain confidence and tried-and-true strategies for selling your products and services.

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