Deal Registration

Channeltivity makes deal registration easy. Whether you have a handful of resellers or a multi-tiered program with thousands of partners and distributors, our deal registration software creates transparency, accountability, and efficiency for all. 

Deal Registration

Complete Deal Registration Management 

Deal registration plays a pivotal role within tech companies’ partner programs and is often a driving force of channel success. Implementing a well-defined and transparent deal registration program supported by robust software is an effective way to protect your partners from channel conflict and gain visibility into your indirect sales pipeline.

Channeltivity has everything you need to run a successful deal registration program and streamline sales operations to improve scalability. From a streamlined UI that reduces the need for extensive partner training to built-in automation features to plug-and-play CRM integration, our software has all the features to simplify your program.

Designed for Ease-of-Use, Transparency and Accountability

Avoid the overhead of training new resellers on complicated deal registration software by with Channeltivity. Our system is designed to be straightforward and intuitive and walks the partner through the steps of registering a deal with all the required details, eliminating the need for special training. 

Implementing our software not only enhances transparency but also cultivates trust within your partnerships. Increase revenues and deepen partner relationships by giving your partners the ability to view existing deals and their real-time status. And keep everyone on the same page with automated notifications of approvals and changes.

Tracking deal registrations in Channeltivity fosters accountability and ensures your partner team adheres to deal approval criteria and SLAs. 

Streamlined and Automated Deal Registration

Channeltivity’s Deal Registration module can be configured to accommodate any partner program requirements and create efficiencies through automation by:

  • Customizing deal workflows to match your program’s approval process
  • Automatically assigning deals to the partner manager in charge of the submitting partner
  • Configuring your deal form to capture the fields you need
  • Creating custom reports to show aggregates and trends over time
  • Tracking action items and manage their completion
  • Sending automatic deal registration activity notifications and expiration reminders to comply with your reseller program guidelines
  • Notifying different internal team members based on deal location or partner location
  • Creating additional automation with other systems using Zapier or our API
  • Building dashboards with deal data for both partners and internal users 

Plug and Play Integrations to Your CRM

Connecting your deal registration software to your CRM automatically keeps the two systems in sync and avoids duplicate data. Channeltivity’s native plug-and-play integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce can be configured in minutes, allowing you to automate the flow of deal data between your PRM and CRM and provide real-time visibility into channel pipeline data.

During the implementation process, your CRM admin will have full access to a Channeltivity success manager should they need any assistance. The CSM will also be available to share deal registration sync best practices based on previous implementations for companies of the same size with similar deal lifecycles. Channeltivity admins can make updates to the HubSpot or Salesforce integration at any time.

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Seamless Collaboration With Distributors or Master Agents

Use our optional Distributor module to add distributor or master agent access to your deal pipeline. Distributor access can be configured to support multiple collaboration scenarios, including:

  • Partners can select a) any distributor or b) only assigned distributors when registering a deal
  • Distributors can register deals on behalf of a partner
  • Distributors can register direct deals without a partner

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How Do Partners Register Deals With Channeltivity?

Depending on how you configure the system, a typical deal registration flow typically follows these steps:

  1. Deal identification. The channel partner or reseller identifies a potential sales opportunity and initiates the deal registration process by submitting relevant details through Channeltivity’s partner portal. The deal submission form includes prospect information and location, product interest, and any other details you require to evaluate the deal’s eligibility. Registering a deal can trigger several actions, including email notifications and creating a corresponding record in your CRM.
  2. Deal evaluation. Your channel team evaluates the registered opportunity to ensure it meets the predefined criteria (i.e., the new prospect fits the ideal customer profile, minimum deal size, specific target account, etc.). If it does, and you don’t already have a similar deal in the pipeline, the registration is approved (usually for a specific time period). Approval also typically includes exclusive deal protection for the partner, as well as discounts and other benefits such as sales engineering support. Approving the deal logs it in the history and triggers a notification to the partner.
  3. Deal close. Depending on the nature of the partner program, the vendor and partner now collaboratively work to bring the registered opportunity over the finish line. In some cases, the reseller is the main driver of these efforts. In others, the vendor takes on the primary sales role. Throughout the process, any changes, notes, and action items are tracked in Channeltivity to ensure optimal collaboration. Notifications and reminders ensure nothing falls through the cracks until the deal is closed.

Why Do Technology Companies Choose Channeltivity’s Deal Registration software?

Channeltivity’s ease of use and rich feature set make it the deal registration software of choice for high tech partner programs. Our guiding principle is to make channel management easy, which translates to great usability, flexible functionality, and helpful support (read more about what differentiates our PRM software). 

Our customers choose Channeltivity for deal registration because of its:

  • Powerful, deep functionality that supports all the best practices.
  • Quick configuration with all settings accessible to the customer, putting them in control.
  • Ease of use.

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TL;DR: What is Deal Registration?

Deal registration is a process that partner program admins use to track and manage potential sales opportunities. The practice is particularly popular in the high tech space, where vendors work with resellers, value-added resellers (VARs), distributors, value-added distributors (VADs) to increase their sales reach.

By registering a deal, a partner becomes the exclusive owner or primary contact for a particular sales opportunity. This is valuable because companies often offer partners a referral fee or discounts for bringing deals their way — particularly if those deals close.

Having a fair and transparent deal registration program assures partners that their sales opportunities will be protected against their competition and incentivizes them to invest time, effort, and resources into pursuing and closing deals with your team.

While you can use spreadsheets to manage your registration workflow, it eventually becomes too inefficient for sophisticated programs. That’s why the best partner relationship management vendors (like Channeltivity!) offer deal registration modules baked into their portals, enabling partners to self-register.

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