Channel Management and PRM Learning Resources

Channel managers need more than PRM software to be successful. They need resources and know-how, which is what this section is all about.

Whether you’re new to channel management or have decades of experience, our collection of educational materials covers a wide range of topics for everyone. Our resources include blog posts, articles, e-books, case studies, and more, providing you with valuable insights into channel management and beyond. Discover how you can enhance your expertise and achieve success with our comprehensive learning resources.

Popular Channel Management Topics

Whether you are a seasoned channel manager looking to enhance your skills or a beginner seeking a solid foundation in channel management, these must-read articles help you navigate the complexities of running a successful partner program.

Dive into articles, case studies, and industry best practices to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies in the world of channel management:

Learn about Partner Enablement

A partner enablement program can help you explain how your partner program works, what your vision is for the partnership, your product’s benefits, and your GTM plan — at scale.

These resources can help you design an effective and comprehensive program:

Learn about Channel Marketing

Channel marketing helps companies reach new customers and increase market share, and can come in a variety of forms, like co-branded collaterlal, events, co-written blog posts, and more.

We can help you gain inspiration for your next joint marketing initiative:

Learn about Channel Sales

Partners are an excellent (and often underrated) sales channel. As trusted advisors of your ideal customers, they are one of the best sales vehicles.

Find out how to leverage them to the fullest:

Learn how our customers use Channeltivity

Curious how Channeltivity helps companies level up their partner programs?

Browse our case studies to learn how:

Samsung and Xangati use Channeltivity to streamline their global partner process

"Because of Channeltivity, we were able to sign up 250 global partners within 6 months."

CTERA uses Channeltivity to boost partner interaction with the sales team

"Channeltivity plays an active role in my partner program. Not only does it allow me to manage who my partners are, but more importantly, it allows me to effectively engage with them."

Openpath uses Channeltivity to provide new integration partners with 24/7 access to tools and resources to sell and implement their solution

"Since launch, we have signed on 100s of partners. Our portal has quickly become a competitive advantage for Openpath in the industry."

See Channeltivity in action

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