Referrals & Commissions Management

The Referral module streamlines the management of your referral program by giving partners an area to submit referrals and track their status. Set up your own workflows to manage the acceptance and payment status of referrals, all while keeping the partner in the loop on referral sales stage and commissions.

Referrals & Commissions

Flexible Referral Handling

Whether your organization directly works with referred leads or hands them off to reseller partners, the Referral module can handle your program needs.

  • Direct sales: Give your internal sales team access to submitted referrals to pursue new business directly.
  • Indirect sales: Distribute referrals to other channel partners using the Lead Distribution module.
  • Track commissions and payments.

Closing the Loop with Lead Distribution and Deal Registration

Tight integration with the Lead Distribution and Deal Registration modules increases efficiencies and allows seamless feedback of deal status back to the referral partner.

  • Configure which lead and deal data are visible to the referral partner.
  • Automatically notify referral partners of won deals.
  • End-to-end reporting from referral to revenue.

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