PRM Integration Made Easy

Your PRM solution should integrate seamlessly with your existing systems to maximize efficiency. Plug-and-play integrations are particularly critical in partner management because many of the channel sales and marketing activities work best in conjunction with CRMs and marketing automation solutions.

Plug & Play PRM Integration

Integrate with the #1 PRM Platform 

Channeltivity’s PRM software is designed to play well with others. From plug-and-play integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce to SAML single sign-on, to Zapier automation, to powerful API and embedding capabilities. 

HubSpot PRM

PRM to HubSpot Integration

Channeltivity automates the flow of lead, deal registration, referral and partner data to and from HubSpot, creating a seamless experience for your partners and your sales team. Our feature-rich, certified HubSpot PRM integrations can be configured in minutes using our point-and-click wizard.

PRM to Salesforce Integration

Use our plug-and-play PRM integration with Salesforce to keep lead, deal registration, referral and partner data synchronized between your PRM and CRM. Our Salesforce integration offers robust capabilities to encourage your partners and your team follow best practices, yet can be set up without the help of IT.

Salesforce PRM
api, zapier prm, sso

Zapier, SSO, and APIs

Connect Channeltivity PRM with other systems using single sign-on, our Zapier connector, and any of the other included integration features and APIs. The possibilities are limitless:

  • Securely embed custom applications and code within your PRM to offer a seamless partner experience.
  • Use single sign-on to enable seamless authentication between Channeltivity and any other application that supports the SAML 2.0 standard.
  • Configure custom integrations and workflows using the point-and-click capabilities of the Zapier platform.
  • Build your own application that exchanges PRM data using our open API. 

When you’re working with a PRM solution that integrates well with your existing systems and tools, you can more easily streamline workflows and reduce administrative overhead. That way you have more time to focus on partner relationships instead of data entry.

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