Partner Management Platform Features

Channeltivity’s platform is equipped with a variety of features that make partner management simple and effective. From notifications and reminders to built-in analytics, dashboarding, and reporting, Channeltivity offers a comprehensive platform for partner management that is both powerful and easy to use.

Partner Management Platform

Notifications & Reminders

Channeltivity’s flexible email notifications and reminders, essential to any PRM platform, ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Configure instant or digest notifications of new deal registrations, lead assignments, approved MDF requests, and more. Our reminders similarly notify partners of expiring MDF funds, deals that require their action, or new content in the partner portal. With Channeltivity’s platform, businesses can automate email notifications and reminders, keeping partners and internal users on task. 

prm notifications
channel partner analytics

Analytics & Reporting

Channeltivity’s built-in analytics and reporting functionality gives real-time access to channel partner data. Available to both internal users and channel partners, our analytics suite allows users to create and custom reports, aggregate data in bar and timeline graphs, and drill into reports to gain valuable insights. 


Build your own channel partner dashboards with Channeltivity’s easy and flexible dashboarding tools. Whether you want to show a high-level view of key program indicators, a comparison of detailed pipeline data, or an analysis of MDF ROI across regions, our drag-and-drop widgets make it easy to create dashboards with the metrics that matter most. 

Channel Partner Dashboard
channel partner collaboration

Social Sharing & Collaboration

Foster channel partner collaboration and engagement with Channeltivity. The partner forum provides an online community for partners to share tips and collaborate, easing pressure on your channel team. Social sharing features allow you designate key content as shareable, allowing partners to post your content to LinkedIn. By facilitating collaboration and social sharing, channel programs can build stronger relationships with their partners, foster innovation, and create new growth opportunities.

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