Channeltivity PRM & HubSpot Integration

HubSpot-Integrated PRM

Channeltivity is a best-of-breed Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution that is fully integrated with HubSpot CRM and gives you everything you need to run a successful reseller channel. Simplify deal registration, MDF requests, lead distribution, referrals, training and certification through a powerful partner portal solution that syncs with HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot PRM

Create 360° Visibility in HubSpot CRM

Channeltivity HubSpot Edition gives your entire organization visibility into your channel data in HubSpot CRM. Channeltivity’s plug-and-play integration synchronizes Partners, Contacts, Leads, Deal Registrations and Referrals between your Channeltivity partner portal and HubSpot CRM, ensuring accurate and consolidated reporting without manual steps or additional IT projects.

With Channeltivity HubSpot Edition, your channel team gets all the benefits of a powerful PRM while other stakeholders within your organization get the data they need in HubSpot CRM.

Push Deal Registrations from your PRM into HubSpot

Channeltivity’s Deal Registration integration with HubSpot automates the flow of Deal data between your PRM and CRM and delivers real-time partner pipeline visibility to your entire organization. Here’s how it works:

  1. Your partner registers a Deal in Channeltivity.
  2. The Deal is synced with HubSpot CRM (you can set this to happen manually or automatically).
  3. Syncing creates a corresponding Deal in HubSpot that is now linked to the Deal Registration in Channeltivity.
  4. Any change made to the Deal in either system is reflected in the other system based on your defined field mappings (mappings can be bi-directional or one-way).

Push HubSpot Deals into your PRM

If you have processes or automation where you need to pull HubSpot Deals into your PRM as Deal Registrations, Channeltivity’s Deal Registration integration is up to the task. Whether you have historic Deal Registrations or auto-generated renewal Deals that need to be moved from HubSpot in your CRM, our integration automates the import of data and eliminates manual work. Here’s an example:

  1. Set the sync flag field on the HubSpot Deal you wish to import and specify which partner it should be assigned to in your PRM.
  2. Our integration will pull the Deal and associated Company and Contact info, and automatically create a Deal Registration, Account and Contact record in Channeltivity.
  3. The partner receives an email notification of their new Deal Registration and can view it within Channeltivity.
  4. Any changes made to the Deal in HubSpot or your PRM are reflected to the other system based on the field mappings you defined so everything is always up-to-date.

Distribute Leads to your Partners from HubSpot

Lead Distribution allows you to send your partners Leads from within HubSpot and then report on their progress from within your CRM. Leads can be sent in bulk or one-by-one. Once distributed, the integration keeps the two systems synchronized according to your specifications. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Decide which HubSpot Deals or Contacts you want to send to your partners through Channeltivity.
    1. If you’re sending a single record, navigate to the page in HubSpot and push the “Create Channeltivity Lead” button to push it into Channeltivity.
    2. If you’re sending multiple records, make sure the sync flag is set on all of them and Channeltivity will automatically import them as Leads.
  2. Partners are automatically notified of new Leads and then can log into Channeltivity to view and change the Lead’s status.
  3. Any changes made to records in either system are reflected in the other system based on your defined field mappings (mappings can be bi-directional or one-way).

Integrated Referral Management

Channeltivity’s Referral integration with HubSpot brings partner-submitted Referrals into your CRM. For direct sales, this give your internal sales team access to submitted prospect data within HubSpot CRM. In an indirect sales model, submitted Referrals can be distributed to other channel partners using the Lead Distribution integration. This is a typical workflow:

  1. Your partner submits a Referral in Channeltivity.
  2. The Referral is synced with HubSpot CRM (you can set this to happen manually or automatically).
  3. Syncing creates a new Deal in HubSpot that is now linked to the Referral in Channeltivity.
  4. Any changes to the Deal sales stage, amount or partner commission in HubSpot are automatically reflected on the Referral in Channeltivity. You can change this or define your own field mappings to specify the flow of data (mappings can be bi-directional or one-way).
  5. Partners can track the status of submitted Referrals within the partner portal as well as see commissions and payment status pulled from HubSpot.

Keep Partner Data Synchronized between HubSpot and your PRM

The Partner Sync integration provides two-way synchronization of Partner Company and Contact records between Channeltivity and HubSpot CRM. This ensures that both systems always contain the most up-to-date information. For example:

  • You create a new Company in HubSpot and flag it as a partner. The integration automatically creates a corresponding Partner in Channeltivity. This works the other way around as well.
  • When a Partner updates their profile in Channeltivity, any changes will be reflected on the linked HubSpot Company in real time.
  • A Partner User in Channeltivity invites their colleague to Channeltivity, which automatically creates a corresponding Contact in HubSpot.
  • And so on…

Easy, Reliable & HubSpot Certified

Channeltivity’s integration with HubSpot can be configured in minutes using our point-and-click wizard interface. This allows you to get started immediately, without the need for IT.

The integration is mature and includes many advanced capabilities to prevent data conflicts and duplicates. Built-in tools allow you to troubleshoot and fix synchronization issues with minimal effort.

Channeltivity is a member of the HubSpot App Partner Program and our integration is HubSpot Certified. This means that Channeltivity’s app has been reviewed by HubSpot to ensure it meets all requirements for security, privacy, reliability, performance, usability and accessibility.

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