Partner Recruitment Made Easy

Recruiting the right partners lays the foundation for a successful channel enablement program and Channeltivity’s Partner Recruitment module gives you the tools you need to get it right. 

The partner recruitment process starts with planning. First, you need to establish common criteria for reseller partners and analyze your geographic coverage. Then, you need to collect relevant prospective partner information. Channeltivity comes with a customizable, comprehensive application form that can capture all the important indicators your team needs to identify and select the best partners.

Finally, the built-in partner agreement functionality allows you to automate the signing of contracts.

Below, we outline various aspects of the Channeltivity platform that help partner teams spend more hands-on time with strategic partners.

Partner Recruitment

Define the Ideal Partner Profile

With Channeltivity, it’s easy to set up an ideal partner profile. Using the user-friendly designer, you can customize your partner profile fields to capture any kind of data you need for your ideal partner profile (IPP), including:

  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Number of customers
  • Headquarters location
  • Operating geographies
  • Type of business (B2B vs. B2C)

Evaluate Partner Recruitment Success With Profile Fields

Defining your partner profile and collecting data from both prospective and active partners helps you make better recruiting decisions. You could, for example, analyze the profile data of your most successful partners. Key attributes could help you source more excellent potential partners and understand whether new prospective partners a good fit for your program.

Having ideal partner fields in place speeds up your vetting process, but also helps you:

  • Assign the right partners to the right partner managers
  • Deliver a right-sized onboarding experience for each partner tier
  • Report on partner performance based on attributes
  • Determine if your ideal partner profile has changed
  • Evaluate your partner pipeline and recruiting activities
  • Gain insight into indirect sales channel revenue represented by potential partners

If you find your fields aren’t gathering the information you need, you can simply add, adjust, or remove fields in Channeltivity’s settings.

Optimize Geographic Coverage

A big priority for many Channeltivity customers is partner expansion. But you need to know where your partners currently operate to develop a sound expansion strategy.

Adding location fields to your partner intake form automatically pulls partners into geographic reports, allowing Channeltivity users to:

  • Analyze whitespace
  • Compare your current partner penetration to external partner datasets
  • Determine which geographies should command your time, money, and effort
  • The potential success of investing in a new market

Channeltivity’s built-in mapping tool also empowers you to visualize performance gaps by tracking where and how often deals were closed won. With that information, you can better assess market opportunity and concentrate on reaching new partners in geographies that perform best.

Capture Prospective Partner Information 

The Partner Application Form is a critical component of the Partner Recruitment module. It captures important information about potential partners, including their business profile, target market, product offerings, and anything else you’ve defined in your ideal partner profile. 

You can use the Partner Application Form as part of an organized recruitment effort or simply link to it from your website’s partnership page to capture potential partners. When prospective partners submit the form, it creates a prospective partner record in Channeltivity with all associated profile data. 

The prospective partner profile data and associated history persists with the partner as they’re activated and can be synced using plug-and-play connections to CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce for greater visibility and engagement for both direct and indirect sales teams.

Besides faster and easier partner activation, capturing partner prospects in Channeltivity gives valuable insights into where the best partner leads come from so you can double down on your most effective partner recruitment efforts.

Manage the Partner Recruitment Process

Channeltivity empowers you to manage the partner recruitment process like a sales process, tailoring onboarding and training activities to each stage of partner onboarding.

Use Channeltivity to:

  • Forecast your pipeline of new partners
  • Forecast your pipeline of potential deals from prospective partners
  • Assign prospective partners to responsible team members in the region
  • Track notes of partner interactions

And since all prospective and existing partner activity is tracked within Channeltivity, you can:

  • Pinpoint areas where your process might be lacking
  • Implement new strategies
  • Measure their impact on your partner recruitment program’s success

Activate Partners

It’s not enough to add partners to your portal. You have to help them start on the right foot.

Use Channeltivity to:

  • Customize the welcome email partners receive to activate their account
  • Pre-populate partners’ user and company profiles based on their application
  • Provide partners with guided setup for creating a password, completing their user and partner profiles, and setting their notification preferences
  • Assign partners to a region and partner tier
  • Streamline electronic signature and document management 
  • Send instructions for registering deals, finding resources, and requesting MDFs

All in all, Channeltivity gives you the flexibility to design and run your partner recruitment the way you want to.

Other Partner Recruitment Resources

Channeltivity is dedicated to customer success. In that vein, we’ve created several resources to help streamline and accelerate partner recruitment. To learn more about partner recruitment process best practices, consider reading:

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