Published December 2, 2015 with
Stacy Desrosiers Americas Channel Sales
"Channeltivity plays an active role in my partner program. Not only does it allow me to manage who my partners are, but more importantly, it allows me to effectively engage with them."

Stacy Desrosiers, Americas Channel Sales at CTERA recently sat down with us to talk about her experience with Channeltivity. Following is a transcript of her above video.

“AT CTERA Networks we are very focused on data. We actually enable both enterprises and service providers throughout the world to deploy secure data services to their customers on the infrastructure of their choice.

And as a company, we’re 100% channel focused.

Channeltivity plays an active role in my partner planning. Not only does it allow me to manage who my partners are, more importantly, it allows me to engage with them.

I’ve been in the channel for over 20 years, and a number of years ago I found Channeltivity. It was one of those key solutions that I had been looking at for a number of years. Over the last few years, I’ve been able to bring this solution to eight companies around the world. It has enabled me, and those organizations, to properly roll out a channel program that meets the needs of our partners and help drive revenue.

One of the key features that Channeltivity offers is the ability to integrate with Salesforce.com. By implementing and integrating Salesforce with the Channeltivity solution, we are able to engage with partners and effectively interact with my sales team. My sales team can better manage their opportunities, manage the leads that they’re giving out to their partners, and manage who their partners are from a profile perspective and a recruitment perspective.

Our partners work with multiple vendors throughout the day. By providing them with an easy to use partner portal system such as Channeltivity, I can ensure that my partners are able to get to the resources they need and interact with us in a way that need to; making it even better for our partnership and making Channeltivity a useful tool in their day.”