Get Your Partner Portal Home Page Right: 4 Ways To Keep Partners Coming Back

Updated March 22, 2023
Published in Channel Success, Partner Portal Software

Channel Consultancy AchieveUnite recently posted an article on their blog laying out the importance of your partner portal home page to your partner’s success, including 4 specific ways to keep partners logging in.

The article also includes samples of both an effective and poor portal to use as inspiration for laying out yours. It also includes a list of the most commonly used links within portals, including Deal Registration, Training, Pricing, and more.

“The home page of your partner portal is the single most important page in your portal. This page is the starting point for every portal user, and a well-organized home page saves your partners time by driving them directly to the elements that will make them more successful. Partners do not want to spend time searching through portal pages to find the things they need, and they won’t for long. With so many vendors to work with, a frustrating experience trying to work with you will disincentivize them from trying again.”

Channeltivity Best Practices Partner Portal
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Read the full article HERE.


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