Supercharge Your Partner Success with 3 Key Changes

Updated March 22, 2023
Published in Channel Management, Channel Success

The beginning of a new year traditionally means a strategic review of organizational goals and metrics. Regardless of how established your channel program is, there are always opportunities for improvement that will help to supercharge your partner success throughout the year.

Here are 3 areas to consider for your 2018 channel program resolutions:

Supercharge partner success with these 3 key changes

Deal Registration

Deal Registration is a key foundation piece of many partner programs. For 2018, consider reviewing your current Deal Registration program to ensure you have well-defined requirements and benefits.

Things to consider revamping for a stronger Deal Registration program:

  • The process for registering a new opportunity/lead.
  • The partner benefits from a new opportunity/lead.
  • Expectations for partner updates and progression.
  • Internal commitments for support and deal assistance.
  • Creating or tweaking Partner incentives for Deal Registration.

Partner Planning

Business planning with the right partners can make a difference in your partner success. Setting goals with each partner, and setting up a regular cadence to discuss progress will help you attain your program revenue goals this year.

Planning considerations include:

  • Identify strategic partners to uncover unique opportunities for growth.
  • Work with partners to develop a quarterly/annual plan.
  • Develop partner-specific marketing plans to drive business.
  • Create a partner focused retention and renewal process.
  • If not already doing so, consider leveraging the Business Planning module within Channeltivity to streamline the planning process and help keep both sides accountable for objectives.

Content & Communication

The adage is true that content is king. Sparse or dated content on a portal reflects a lack of importance to your partners. Take time review your current portal content and to pull down old programs and promotions along with any other content that is dated. Then set aside time to put together a workable plan for content and communication for the rest of the year. For more on how to effectively create the right content, check out our Partner Content blog post.

Where to start when reviewing your content strategy:

  • Determine a manageable content and communication cadence.
  • Pull together a list of potential topics for partner communications.
  • Outline a tentative 3-6-month plan.
  • Review the usage of current content.
  • Ask partners what they need.

Sometimes knowing where to get started is the hardest part of making a change.
We’ve worked with channel programs of all sizes to understand their goals and how they can most effectively leverage PRM in their organizations. Contact us today for a complimentary strategy session, and see if Channeltivity can help supercharge your 2018.


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