How to Boost Partner Engagement with Event Based Email

Updated March 22, 2023
Published in Channel Success

New partners are usually pretty engaged. When they first start working with you, they’ve got new products to promote and new opportunities to pursue. Hopefully you’ve done some joint planning and everyone’s energized and focused on common goals.

But as time goes on, partners may begin to lose interest as other new vendors and opportunities come online. Event based email communication is a good tool for counteracting that tendency.

Save Time and Stay Top of Mind

When the channel manager can automate reminders about unopened leads, expiring MDF, and deals requiring next steps, it eliminates a huge drag on his or her time. It also helps keep partners interested and engaged in working with your company. And when event-based email is tied in to your PRM – like with Channeltivity – the system generates event triggered email to prevent deals and partners from falling through the cracks.

Keep a Pulse on Partner Activity

If you’re halfway through Q2 and the numbers you and your partner agreed to aren’t being hit, event-based email allows you to efficiently call attention to that fact. By triggering a communication to the reps involved, it helps you and your vendors be more proactive.

Enhance the Relationship

And it may sound counter intuitive but trigger based email communications can improve partner relationships. They increase efficiency, which frees up the channel manager to focus on more nuanced communications – like reaching out to strategize about joint product promotion or approaching a new customer – the kinds of interaction that enable a true partnership.

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