It’s as Easy as Click to Contract Management

Updated March 22, 2023
Published in Partner Recruiting, Partner Relationship Management System

Lauren Robinette had a goal to bring on 250 new partners for Samsung. The channel professional, named one of the top 2015 Channel Chiefs, had only six months and needed a way to quickly and efficiently accept 65 contracts with sales organizations around the world.

She developed a contract management approval process and worked with Channeltivity to automate it. The result was a dashboard that allowed her to easily and effectively manage all the details of who had signed, what contracts were still pending – and it allowed her to nail her goal. She was able to sign partners globally – and with no one but herself serving as recruiter, operations, and outbound marketing.

How Channeltivity Solves Contract Management

That functionality, named “Click to Contract” is available to all Channeltivity customers. For vendors looking to onboard many partners efficiently, Click to Contract makes it possible to build partner contracts and get them signed, and with less drag on internal resources.

click to contract management

Channeltivity Click to Contract Management makes on-boarding new partners a more seamless process.

With the Click to Contract solution, partner agreements and contracts are available on your Channeltivity partner portal. Contract tracking ensures they don’t get lost in email, and instead of having to rely on an e-signature tool, the approval process is managed within your Channeltivity portal. Gathering signatures doesn’t require multiple communications because every time a partner comes to the portal, they’re reminded the contract is ready to be signed.

This contract management functionality allows flexibility around how agreements are managed. You can set permissions for which individuals can sign or not sign, and you can choose to automatically counter sign after the partner has. It enables agreements to be created by partner region, partner type, individual organization, and more.

When you’ve got several different solutions and hundreds of different partners, shepherding all the paperwork can eat up a lot of valuable time. But when the channel manager can automate the signing process, and see at a glance where things stand, she’s freed up to spend more time planning and strategizing with partners.

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