Release: Native Salesforce package for Channeltivity PRM

Updated March 22, 2023
Published in Release Notes

Our next release is going live tomorrow Thursday, November 5th and includes a native Salesforce package that brings Channeltivity PRM functionality into your CRM.

Leveraging Salesforce and your partner management solution together allows the seamless integration and exchange of lead, deal registration and partner data between your partner relationship management software, partner portal and CRM.Here are the details:

Native Salesforce Package

Introducing an improved Channeltivity PRM experience from within Salesforce. Seamlessly access and manipulate Channeltivity PRM data without ever leaving Salesforce by installing Channeltivity PRM for Salesforce, our native Salesforce package. The package is easy to install and configure using on-screen instructions and an interactive wizard interface.

Depending on which of Channeltivity’s Salesforce integrations you use, the package adds an Iframe to Salesforce’s Lead, Opportunity, Account and Contact layouts that provides a window into any linked Channeltivity record. Installing the Salesforce package gives you many benefits:

  • Automatic Single Sign-On from Salesforce into Channeltivity
  • Push Salesforce Leads into Channeltivity and assign them to a Partner with two clicks, all from within Salesforce
  • View, approve and update Deal Registrations from within Salesforce
  • View a Partner Account’s key Channeltivity stats in Salesforce

Our Salesforce package is included free of charge in Channeltivity Salesforce Edition. Learn more, including installation instructions in this article.

Organization and User Change History

When you edit an Organization or User, all your changes will now be recorded in the record’s history section. This mirrors the field history tracking currently implemented for Deal Registration, Lead and MDF Request records and allows you to keep track of all field-level changes along with author and time stamp.

Other Improvements

  • Internal user account requests can be disabled (Partners > Settings > Partner Module Settings).
  • Administrators see system maintenance messages after logging in. This allows us to provide in-app notification of planned system maintenance, upgrades, etc.
  • Data APIs: The Query command now supports searching for text that contains apostrophes, e.g. “O’Neill”.
  • Many small improvements and bugfixes.

As always, there’s nothing that’s needed from you – all customers will be automatically upgraded.


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