Release: Lead Conversion Field Mapping & More

Updated March 22, 2023
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Lead conversion field mapping and configurable state/province fields in addresses are two of the new features in our next release going live Thursday, March 6th. View the 2 feature highlight videos and read the details below.

Lead Conversion Field Mapping (video)

Many of our Lead Distribution module customers use custom fields to store additional data in their Leads. Until now, these custom fields wouldn’t carry over during lead conversion, when a Lead was converted to a Deal Registration. With the new release, you can now easily map your custom Lead fields to custom fields in Deal Registrations, Accounts and Contacts so that your data carries over during Lead conversion. The Lead Conversion Field Mapping configuration page can be found in the Pipeline Settings area and allows you to select destination fields for each of your Lead custom fields.

Make the State/Province Field Optional by Country (video)

You can now specify on a per-country basis whether the State/Province field is visible and required when entering addresses. Many countries around the world don’t include the State/Province field in their mailing addresses, so having the ability to configure the countries that use states or provinces avoids the frustration of having to look it up when entering data. The new State/Province Requirement Settings by Country page in the Admin Settings area allows you to customize which countries require entering a State/Province and which don’t.

Other Improvements

  • Ability to import both active and prospective Partners in bulk using a CSV file
  • Bulk operations for a) assigning Deal Registrations to your reps and b) updating their registration status
  • Many small improvements and bugfixes

As always, there’s nothing that’s needed from you – all customers on the current cloud version will be automatically upgraded.



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