Selecting a Partner Relationship Management Solution: Don’t Make Time Your Biggest Expense

Updated March 22, 2023
Published in Channel Management, Channel Success, Indirect Sales Channel, PRM (Partner Relationship Management), PRM Solution

Time is MoneyThere are many different variables that come into play when selecting a Partner Relationship Management solution (PRM), or any other solution for that matter. Between the number of different people involved in the buying process, timeline, cost, etc., there are a lot of moving parts. Now, obviously the major obstacle to overcome in all buying cycles is price, but what if I told you the biggest expense was one that never showed up on an order form?

All too often I get in sales cycles with partner relationship management solution prospects that seem to take longer than expected for one reason or another.  Prospects may not have the right people on board, a team member is on vacation, and the list goes on. One factor that some never seem to fully grasp is time. We have all heard the phrase before, “time is money,” and this couldn’t be truer.

Think about all the small, incremental steps that took place during your last selling / buying cycle. You can probably recall at least one time where a meeting was simply ineffective, someone didn’t show up, or you were cancelled on.

My point being, if you put a dollar amount on every person involved, all the hours each individual spends getting to a financial decision, the amount of calls you bring an executive on; these are all scenarios where time is being consumed and money is being spent; after all, the company is paying you for your time and skill set.  Don’t let time be your most costly expense.  Identify what you are looking for in a partner relationship management solution, draw up a concise game plan and execute it with precision.


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