Partner Recruitment and Onboarding…Best Practices to Consider

Updated March 22, 2023
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Partner Recruitment and Onboarding WebcastLast week, we held a great webcast focused around some of the best practices to consider as you create your partner recruitment and onboarding strategy.  (Access the recorded webcast)  At this time of the year, every organizations looking at their partner program, the partners they have on board and where they still need some help.  Our 30-minute webcast will get you thinking about what you are currently doing and maybe some new things to consider!

Partner Recruitment

Often times we find that it is easier to wait for partners to come to us rather than forming a strategy on whom to actively recruit.  And while it would be easier, in the long run this strategy (if used as they only strategy) can lead to a list of signed partners that produce little and require a lot of effort on your team’s part to onboard.  In the webcast we discussed how to:

  • Create a profile of who your ideal partner is
  • Create a geographic strategy so you know where to recruit
  • Determine what the process is to target and recruit new partners

Want to learn more? Access our knowledge base for a full article on proper partner recruitment strategies.

Partner Onboarding

Once you have the partners signed, now comes the fun part–onboarding and keeping them interested in your partnership.  One key component of the onboarding process is to have a landing space for your partners to go to–especially when you are not there.  This is your PRM / Partner Portal and its ability to reflect your onboarding process as well as making it easy for your partners to utilize is very important.

In the webcast, we discussed these key components of the onboarding process:

  • Partner welcome
  • Generating a joint business plan
  • Training and enablement materials

This is a stage that you cannot take lightly.  A partner that can easily understand how to sell your solution, understand the overall go-to-market strategy with you, and knows whom they can speak with for support can make or break a partnership.

Learn even more best practices for partner onboarding!

So, what are some partner recruitment and onboarding best practices that you are using today? Comment and share them with the rest of the Channeltivity community!


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