Integrate your Partner Relationship Management (PRM) System with Salesforce (Video)

Updated March 22, 2023
Published in Deal Registration, Lead Distribution, Our PRM Product, Partner Relationship Management System, PRM (Partner Relationship Management)

Automating the flow of data between your Partner Relationship Management system and CRM is an effective way to create efficiencies both in your channel and throughout your sales organization. It’s therefore not surprising that one of our most popular integrations is the Lead Distribution and Deal Registration link to Salesforce. This plug and play integration built into Channeltivity’s PRM solution makes it easy to:

  1. import Leads from Salesforce into your partner portal for distribution to your partners, and
  2. automatically push a copy of all Deals registered within your partner portal into Salesforce for tracking and reporting.

The best practice of linking your PRM and CRM has multiple benefits, including:

  • Reduced channel conflict through better coordination of direct and indirect sales
  • Real-time reports on channel sales from within your CRM
  • No double data entry
  • Close the loop on lead generation and distribution – tie leads to your channel partners’ results
  • Fast, easy and seamless distribution of leads

The following video provides a walkthrough of both the Deal Registration and Lead Distribution components of our PRM system’s integration with Salesforce, and also demonstrates the super simple setup process.


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