Release: Tables & Biz Plan Template Editor

Our next release will be going live tomorrow Wednesday, September 4th. View the release notes video or read the details below.

Version 4.5.0 Video Walkthrough

Get an in-depth explanation of the key changes.

Nested Data Tables

There’s a new custom field in town: the Table, which allows you to attach multiple rows of your choice to a single record in Channeltivity. You can add Tables to any record type that accepts custom fields, including Leads, Deals, MDF Requests, Partner Profiles, etc.

Business Plan Template Editor

Instead of emailing support to make changes to your business plan template, our new template editor allows you easily make changes yourself to the layout and fields. Edit sections, fields, and tables, and easily re-arrange them to your liking.

Other Improvements

  • Organize custom fields into separate sections.
  • Improved business plan editing.
  • Easily switch between business plans.
  • Many tweaks and bugfixes.

As always, there’s nothing that’s needed from you – all customers will be automatically upgraded.