Channel Partner Recruitment

Channel Partner Recruitment

Profile, vet and onboard partners, and view real-time reporting.

Build a foundation of solid partners to ensure the success of your channel program. With Channeltivity, recruit, profile, vet and onboard partners, then analyze the success and value of each with powerful reporting. Use in conjunction with your Channeltivity Partner Portal to attract the best.

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Build Strong Channel Partner Profiles

Channeltivity offers the flexibility to build partner profiles with attributes important to your partner recruitment strategy, so you can analyze partner results and determine what makes your ideal partner. You can then focus on recruiting more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Ensure Geographic Coverage

Have visibility into the geographic coverage of your channel partner program so you can optimize your channel‘s reach work to fill in any gaps in your sales territories.

Manage the Entire Partner Recruitment & Marketing Process

Manage the recruitment process like a sales process and know each prospective partner’s stage throughout the process. Measure and report on the potential pipeline to objectively evaluate the success of recruiting activities, and the potential indirect sales channel revenue represented by the potential partners.

With Channeltivity Salesforce Edition, automatically sync prospective and new partner data with your CRM for complete visibility for both your direct and indirect sales teams.