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May 11, 2017
Creating A Kick Butt Partner Recruitment Process

Partner recruitment is a critical component of any successful channel program, and it starts with a shift away from thinking of partner recruitment as a launch activity. Good recruitment starts with a well thought out and tested recruitment process.  When your program is new, you need to start with some assumptions regarding what your ideal […]

Partner Recruiting
Apr 12, 2017
4 Things Your Partner Relationship Management Solution Shouldn’t Do

  Partner Relationship Management (PRM) systems offer a rich collection of core functionality that is the backbone of a channel program, including recruiting tools, your partner portal, deal registration, lead management, MDF and more. But sometimes the needs of a channel program go beyond the functionality traditionally offered by a PRM solution. Whenever you ask […]

Channel Management, PRM (Partner Relationship Management)
Mar 22, 2017
6 PRM Landmines to Avoid in your Partner Program

Over the years we have worked with partner programs of all sizes and configurations, and have been asked how to accomplish a multitude of things within our Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution. Through hundreds of successful PRM installations, we have proven what works and, often most importantly, what doesn’t. Usually, the destructive practices that get […]

Channel Success
Feb 26, 2017
What Does a Hamster Have to do with Good Partner Content?

Channel content creation is often the Achilles heel of a partner program. Providing partners the right content is a key program foundation piece, but partner content needs to be just that; PARTNER CONTENT. Partners need content focused on helping them understand and sell your solutions. When creating content put yourself in your partners’ shoes. Think […]

Channel Management, Channel Success
Feb 7, 2017
What’s My ROI on Partner Relationship Management?

We’ve seen that a vast majority of technology companies today want to drive revenue through the addition of an indirect channel. When they begin to create their channel strategy, they realize they will need technology to support their channel. But do they use excel and other resident software? Manage it within their CRM, or select a […]

Channel Marketing Strategy, PRM (Partner Relationship Management), PRM Solution
Jan 23, 2017
Hello 2017: 4 Considerations for a Successful New Channel Year

By: Raegan Wilson 2017 brings the opportunity to set goals and reflect on the accomplishments of the previous year. How did your program perform in 2016? What can you improve in 2017? If you haven’t already, take some time and think back to the goals you set in 2016. Identify the 2-3 major program successes […]

Channel Marketing Strategy, Channel Success
Sep 23, 2014
Channel Management ROI

Everyone wants to maximize the channel management ROI. Channel management software, increasingly known as partner relationship management (PRM) software, is tightly intertwined with CRM, but delivers the specific requirements needed to run a successful channel program. Listen to Jason Jacobs, CEO of Channeltivity, discuss Channel Management ROI and how “the only thing that creates value […]

Channel Management, Channel Success, Partner Relationship Management System, PRM (Partner Relationship Management), PRM Solution
Sep 4, 2014
PRM Best Practices: Increasing Partner Engagement with a Partner Portal

Increasing partner engagement is an ongoing effort theme in many channel programs. In this article, we’ll explore key strategies to increase engagement across your partner base. This is the first in our series of blog posts that will dive into best practices around specific aspects of partner relationship management.  Next will be Deal Registration. Keys […]

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