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Oct 10, 2017
Portal Prep: 3 Keys to a Smooth Partner Portal Launch

Implementing a new partner portal can seem like a daunting task. Over the past 14 years, we have helped hundreds of companies launch their partner program on Channeltivity and have learned what makes an implementation successful. Here are the 3 keys you need to get ensure your partner portal launch goes smoothly. No matter the […]

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Aug 16, 2017
Don’t Over Commit! Your Partners Will Thank You

Over the years I have read/created/responded to 100s of PRM RFPs. I have seen every requirement and some pretty crazy partner program requests. Just like with our children, we often want to give our partners everything under the sun. We want to provide partners the most qualified leads, the best marketing programs, the easiest systems […]

Channel Success
Oct 18, 2016
Your Partner Portal is not a Website

Beyond colors, logos and branding, your partner portal has a different purpose and should not look like your website. Read on to learn why.

Channel Management, Channel Success, Partner Portal Software
Jun 20, 2012
Smash those Silos from Your Indirect Sales Channel

Silos have their use – if you’re a farmer – but you don’t want them in your channel. The more obstacles between vendors, partners and their marketing teams, the less productive the channel. Anything that prevents information flow between these three parties is essentially blocking revenue. Creating an Information Hub When you have one place […]

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