Portal Prep: 3 Keys to a Smooth Partner Portal Launch

Updated March 25, 2023
Published in Channel Management, Partner Portal Software

Implementing a new partner portal can seem like a daunting task. Over the past 14 years, we have helped hundreds of companies launch their partner program on Channeltivity and have learned what makes an implementation successful. Here are the 3 keys you need to get ensure your partner portal launch goes smoothly.

No matter the size of program, or type of company, we have found that these 3 keys are critical to a successful portal launch every time:

Key #1 Rules of Engagement

The key to winning a game is knowing the rules. This goes for channel programs and portals as well. partner portal launch keys to successPartners must know the rules; internal teams must know the rules, and you all must hold each other accountable to those rules. Partners want to know what you expect, and what to expect from you, so outline the benefits your program offers for things like tier advancement, training, and deal registration. Keep your program fair by only providing the benefits when partners meet the requirements you clearly lay out.

Here are a few things to consider when writing up your program rules of engagement:

  • Make sure there is a balance in the offering for you and your partners.
  • Hold your partners to their expectations and live up to yours.
  • Remember what is measured gets done, so measure wisely.
  • Align benefits to the outcomes you are driving.

Key #2 Partner Focused Content

Good portals have the right partner content and this takes work and planning. If you are thinking about implementing a PRM platform start building out your partner content now. If you have a PRM platform, make sure your existing content is relevant and fresh. Content will be an important driver behind portal usage, so make sure the content you are providing is what your partners need. If it isn’t, they will be calling or emailing you asking for it. Your partner content should be a living thing, constantly changing to meet the needs of your program, and most importantly, your partners.

Key #3 Partner Agreements

Don’t let your partner agreements hold up your partner portal launch, so start working with your legal teams NOW. Your PRM platform should be able to manage your partner contracts digitally, but you still need to go through the work of getting your contracts pulled together. Consider if you need different contracts for your different partner types. At a minimum, consider putting together a portal Terms of Use agreement that will protect your portal. Digital agreements will save you time and money when onboarding partners into your program.

For more on launching a new portal and channel program, read our eBook How to Build A Successful Channel Partner Program: A Roadmap.


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