Featured Download: 5 Habits of Channel Manager Rock Stars

Channel manager Rock Stars are channel builders. They know how to sell, how to be strategic with partners and how to build an organization that will generate significant …

Published September 18, 2015

Do you know the Secret Sauce in Channel Manager Success?

In the ever-present drive to grow the channel, it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. Our goals are usually expressed in numbers, and …

Published July 24, 2015

Technology Can’t Take the Place of Human Interaction

No matter how good Channel Management technology gets,  If you put your technology between you and your partners, you’re maybe being more efficient, but it’s efficiency in a penny-wise-and-pound-foolish …

Published April 15, 2015

Determining the ROI of Your Channel

Everyone is looking to get an ROI read on their indirect sales channel, especially those organizations that are just starting out with a partner program. If you’ve …

Published July 18, 2012

Structuring a Partner Program to Get the Partner Behaviors You Want Part 1

If you’ve ever had a spiff program not work the way you’d hoped, you already know that partners can behave in completely unexpected ways… Or are they …

Published June 6, 2012

How to Increase Deal Registration

Deal registrations are the key to channel visibility and, therefore, to accurate channel sales projections. The first key to getting partners to register their deals is to …

Published May 17, 2012

The Channel as Search Engine Optimizer

Five Steps for Dominating SEO Using Your Channel Lets face it: The reason you build a reseller channel is to accelerate your company’s sales ten times faster …

Published May 10, 2012

The Truth about the Magic Hockey Stick

It looks so nice on the channel partner revenue graph — a line inclines gradually for a year or so, and then makes a sharp upward turn, …

Published April 27, 2012

Joint Business Planning: A Myth or Necessity?

I bet you’re hoping I’m going to say “myth.” No one likes planning, right? But we might as well face facts: joint planning with partners is a …

Published April 10, 2012

FAQs About Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

Launching an indirect channel sales program is exciting, but I can tell by the questions I get from customers that this is an area that’s regularly underestimated …

Published April 3, 2012

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