Partner Training Delivery Optimization

Updated May 26, 2023
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What’s the best way to optimize your partner training delivery? We know that trained partners are successful partners, which is why a training program for your channel is essential. But besides following training best practices, what’s the most effective way to deliver training to your channel partners? Keep reading to find out.

Partner Training Delivery

Deliver Training Inside Your Partner Portal

Partner training is most effective when it’s integrated into your existing partner portal. That way partners are not logging into multiple systems trying to find the right training content. Also, having all your training data in the same place as partner data allows for simplified reporting.

Most full-featured Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solutions offer a built-in Learning Management System (LMS) to handle partner training. Training users from within your partner portal improves your ability to create, promote and automate the delivery of training materials, test and certify knowledge, and track partner progress.

Support Standards to Reuse Training Materials

Creating training content is time consuming and expensive, which is why reusing existing courses will speed up the launch of your partner training program. But reusing existing materials requires that your PRM solution supports whatever format they’re in. Whether it’s video, text, graphics, quizzes, or SCORM content (we’ll explain below), you want to make sure that you can upload it to your PRM with minimal effort.

Among the different types of training content types, SCORM is a standard that is widely supported by many training platforms. Partner training materials in SCORM format can include static content along with interactive elements, videos and quizzes all in one convenient package that simplifies delivery. SCORM content is created with specialized authoring tools, but once it exists, it can be moved from LMS to LMS with little effort. If you are currently using or plan to invest in SCORM content, your PRM should support SCORM to increase ROI from your partner training.

Channeltivity is leading the way as a SCORM compliant PRM, helping customers streamline their partner training efforts. The Channeltivity Training & Certification module gives users the ability to create and deliver media-rich training, including SCORM packages, to partners from a secure portal.

Want to learn more? The Channeltivity team is happy to walk you through a demo of the Training & Certification module.


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