How to Successfully On-Board new Channel Partners

Updated March 22, 2023
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We are often asked by new customers if we had any documentation or training materials for partners that would get them more engaged and keep their new Partner Portal top of mind.

To increase engagement, create a high touch on-boarding process that starts begins immediately.

To increase engagement, create a high touch on-boarding process that starts begins immediately.

Although we do, we don’t believe partners are engaged by documentation and training materials, and we tell our customers that. What does create engagement is when you create a high touch on-boarding process that starts begins immediately.

Real loyalty and engagement is created through interaction and incentives. We all know what it feels like to make a buying decision or sign up for something and then feel a drop in the attention we get from the seller. It doesn’t engender a productive relationship, and it’s no different for channel partners.

Handling New Channel Partners

So what should you do? Increase attention on that partner immediately after signing them. Show them you have a guided process for on-boarding. Spend time familiarizing them with the partner portal. No amount of great content, videos, etc. will cause a partner to onboard themselves.

Remember these three keys to successful on-boarding:

  • Avoid one-on-one trainings. It’s not cost effective. Onboard a block of 7 to 10 partners at a time.  This does two things: First, it shows your partners that they are part of a growing program. Second, 7 to 10 is a manageable group that can have good interaction and high quality Q & A.
  • Schedule a web based introduction to the partner portal to familiarize the partner with its navigation and resources. Show them processes supported in the Channeltivity partner portal such as Lead Distribution, Deal Registration and Market Development Fund requests.  Make this a train-the-trainer session. Record it and put it in your Resource Library for their future reference.
  • Share content that helps your partner sell more. Once your partner is on board, they need a reason to interact with your portal. Many of your partners will be smaller organizations without a large (or existent) marketing program in-house. They rely on you to have materials that will help them – and their customers – better understand your products. By sharing content that helps channel partners increase revenue by more successfully selling your product, you give them a good reason to return to the portal often.

What do you do to help increase new partner success?


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