Release: MDF Import, Lead & Deal Filters

Updated March 22, 2023
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Our next release will be going live tomorrow Tuesday, July 2nd. View the release notes video or read the details below.

Version 4.4.8 Video Walkthrough

Get a more in-depth explanation of the key changes.

MDF Transactions Import & Report

It used to be that you had to manually enter newly issued funds for each partner individually. With our new MDF import function you can easily update balances for all your partners at once.

Lead & Deal Filtering

We’ve added a number of filters to the Lead and Deal Registration reports. You can now:

  • Filter Leads by source.
  • Filter Deals and Leads by the date they were last updated.
  • Filter Deals by close date or multiple sales stages at once.

Pipeline Access Levels

The internal access levels to Lead Distribution and Deal Registration have been made more consistent. Now both Lead Distribution and Deal Registration have two access levels, an “Admin” level that provides with full access, and a “Management” one without the ability to delete.

Other Improvements

  • Improved paging of the Partner profile report.
  • Export user details for easy emailing.
  • Many tweaks and bugfixes.


As always, there’s nothing that’s needed from you – all customers will be automatically upgraded.



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