Channel Management Portal

Channel Management Portal

Engage and manage your channel partners with channel management tools that included targeted messages and content.

The Channeltivity Portal Content Management module is a website content management system inside your Partner Relationship Management Software that gives you everything you need to reach your partners.

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Fully Customizable Channel Management Partner Portal without IT

Your portal home page is the first thing your partners see when they log in to your partner relationship management (PRM) system. Anyone with clerical skills can easily manage and customize partner portal content and target it’s delivery to the right user. From the moment they log in, enable your partners by putting highly relevant and instructional content at their fingertips.

Personalize Your Channel Partner’s Experience

Easily personalize the experience for each partner and each user to make a strong, targeted impression. Customize your channel partner portal with your partner’s company logos, and content specific to their program, geography or role in the company.

Reduce Time and Increase Impact

Reduce the amount of time and money wasted sending out materials that may or may not be used by partners. Channeltivity’s Partner Portal provides a framework and a structure that your partners will appreciate and will accelerate their success.