Partner Training & Certification

Partner Training & Certification

Create, promote and automate the delivery of training materials, test and certify knowledge, and track partner progress.

With the Channeltivity Training & Certification module, easily create and deliver media-rich training to your partners, right from your secure portal.

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Our channel partner training and certification module is designed with the same focus on channel and ease of use seen throughout Channeltivity.


  • Easy to use, flexible course set up in a familiar interface encourages partners to complete training.
  • Create unlimited lessons tailored to teach partners the things they need to effectively sell your product.
  • Include videos, rich text, images and downloadable files in lessons.
  • Deploy training specific to partner profiles and groups.

Test and Certify

  • Create unlimited multiple-choice quizzes to test knowledge.
  • Award certifications at both the Rep and Partner level, with targeted access.
  • Set and manage certification requirements.


  • Automatically track all training activity that occurs within Channeltivity. Easily enter any outside training (e.g. seminars) to create a complete picture.
  • Leverage full visibility into partner progress with comprehensive reporting on training activity.
  • Deliver progress and results on a partner’s profile for easy reference and encouragement.