PRM Implementation is Easy!

Updated March 22, 2023
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Implementing a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution is easy; well, it can be if you pick the right PRM. 

As a channel professional, you may view PRM implementation as an expensive and time-consuming task that you would rather avoid. However, Channeltivity is challenging the myth that companies need a massive budget and tons of time to get a PRM solution up and running. In fact, we are confident that you can launch your partner portal a few weeks and without extra implementation or setup fees. 

Why is a thorough implementation important?

Setting up your PRM the right way from the start will lead to a successful launch with your partners, providing them with the resources, training, and processes to generate sales. When a PRM is implemented correctly, you demonstrate your commitment to your partners and enable them to be more efficient and productive. While your PRM solution will be configured to meet your current needs, implementation is a great time to start thinking about how your PRM will evolve with your program.

What to expect during implementation?

The Channeltivity implementation process consists of a series of guided meetings with our Customer Success team. We’ll walk you through all functionality and help you review and fine-tune the settings of your PRM to fit your program needs. In addition to configuring the system, implementation will consist of uploading content for partners, including contact information, training content, marketing materials, and support documents. Finally, the Customer Success team will guide you through integrating Channeltivity with your CRM. And just like that, your portal will be ready for launch!

What role do you play during implementation?

You know your program best and will have a hands-on role in leading your implementation. The Channeltivity team will be a resource to educate and guide you. 

Our team has experience with implementations of all shapes and sizes and has onboarded hundreds of successful customers. To have a successful implementation and get the most from of your PRM out of the gate, we have come up with these four essential tips:

1. Make sure your partner program is ready for PRM

A PRM will only help if your channel program’s fundamentals are sound; learn more about where your channel program stands and whether you’re ready for a PRM solution.

2. Allocate time specifically for PRM implementation

Make implementing your PRM a priority by budgeting time to focus on implementation work. We’ll get a lot done during the implementation sessions, but there’s often homework to complete on your own or with your team.

3. Prepare and organize portal content

You will save significant time during implementation if your partner resources, such as library documents, training content, and marketing materials, are ready to upload to your portal.

4. Include the right people

Implementing your PRM as a team allows you to launch faster, increase team buy-in, make better decisions, streamline training, and divide the workload. Also, PRM implementation can get technical (think CRM integration, single sign-on, API, etc.), so it makes sense to include the technology folks from your company. 

Now that you know what to expect during implementation with Channeltivity, are you ready to see what our PRM solution can do for your partner program?


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