New Features: Activity Reports, UI Walkthrough & more

Updated March 22, 2023
Published in Our PRM Product, Release Notes

We recently launched several new features, including three brand new activity reports that provide detailed and summarized data on your User’s activity in your partner portal:

Activity Reports

There are three new administrative reports on portal activity:

  1. The “User Login Report” shows a list of all Channeltivity logins
  2. The “User Activity Report” shows a total of Users’ logins, Library downloads, Deal Registrations and new MDF Requests for a selected period
  3. The “Organization Activity Report” shows the same info, but rolled up to the Organization level.

All three activity reports are linked from the Admin dashboard and Reports tab.

UI Walkthrough

Our new interactive walkthrough of Channeltivity’s user interface highlights and explains the most important navigation elements. The walkthrough automatically displays the first time a User logs in and can also be launched manually by selecting “Launch UI Walkthrough” in the Help menu.

Salesforce Partner Sync: Specify Partner Status field

Prior to this release, Channeltivity’s Partner Sync integration with Salesforce used the Salesforce Account Type field to specify Partner status (Active, Prospective, Inactive). Now, admins can select any picklist on the Salesforce Account record to store this information.

Placeholders in HTML Code Widget

The HTML Code Widget allows you to run and display custom HTML, JavaScript and CSS within a Widget on a custom page. We added placeholder support, allowing you to personalize your Widget with a large number of User and Organization fields, including custom fields. Read more

Other features:

  • Implemented throughout Channeltivity, Smart Picklists allow quickly searching, filtering and selecting from picklists (a.k.a. dropdowns and select boxes).
  • Partner Users can be moved between Partner Organizations.
  • Leads, Deals, Partners, Contacts and Users can be filtered by Salesforce Sync Status.
  • Library Widgets can be configured to show only certain columns.
  • Salesforce Deal Registration integration: The ID and Title fields of an MDF Request that resulted in a Deal Registration can now be mapped to Salesforce.
  • Salesforce credentials page now shows credentials status.

If you have any questions or concerns about the activity report or any of the other features, please open a ticket or give us a call at +1 877-226-2564 extension 1.


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