Why The Browser is the Ultimate Integrator

Updated March 22, 2023
Published in Channel Management, Channel Marketing Strategy, Channel Success

Cloud PiecesTechnology has come a long way over the last couple of decades.  With an ever-increasing number of vendors that provide their solution on the cloud, it is easier than ever to create the most cost-effective solution for your company.  It is no longer necessary, and oftentimes inefficient, to go with just one vendor for all your needs.  With integrations between API’s, data and solutions readily available, it is now possible to create an ecosystem that meets your needs within the company’s budget, as well as cover the functionality that you would have, traditionally, found in a single solution.

Creating integrations between systems allows you to no longer be dependent on a single vendor partner and be forced to accommodate for missing functionality.  This flexibility gives you the power to find the most cost effective way to meet your functionality requirements.  Because of the move to cloud computing combined with the saturation of SaaS products in the market, your browser and tabs now allows you to employ more than one solution and be able to create a very efficient way of completing the tasks at hand.  Sure, you might have to remember one or two additional passwords, but the ability to meet your requirements, in terms of functionality, and create this ecosystem within budget, is well worth the additional thirty seconds of your time to log into more than one solution.

When all is said and done, it is oftentimes more important to meet the complete functionality requirements set than to choose a more limited single-vendor solution.  With the flexibility that technology gives us these days, there is no reason to shy away from the multiple vendor approach, but only if it meets your needs and is within your budget. Figure out what your needs are and how each company will uniquely tend to those needs. Then, you will be in a position of confidence regarding which systems fit best and which ecosystem will get the job done.


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