Top 3 Things That Help Partners Sell Better

Updated March 22, 2023
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sell it postitThere are three questions every channel partner should be able to answer in their sleep about your company and its offering:

1.) Who you are, what you do, the problem you solve.

Conciseness is memorable. Can you get the answers to these three questions pared down to a single 20-word statement? Channel managers and anyone else that works with partners should know this backward and forward too. It’s critical to remind partners at every opportunity because the better they know this, the easier it is for them to sell.

2.) Who does your partner target with this message?

If the answer to this question is burned into their minds, they’re going to be able to identify more prospects more often.

3.) How do partners make money selling for your company?

Unmotivated partners don’t sell very much, and few things motivate sales like a clear understanding of how selling a product benefits the salesperson financially. When partners know they’re going to make money on a vendor, how they’re going to make it, and if it’s a decent pay, vendors will see more and more opportunities coming to them from that partner. Vendors tend to inundate partners with materials, but all the knowledge in the world won’t improve sales if partners don’t know what the incentive is.

Every partner a vendor works with is likely representing a variety of other suppliers, so there’s good payoff for any vendor that can stand out from the competition by making it crystal clear how partners can sell better. Create an effective means of communicating answers to these questions on a regular basis and you’ll see the results in the form of increased sales.


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