The Three Best Practices in Deal Registration Programs

Updated March 22, 2023
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Deal Registration Best Practices

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At Channeltivity we work with vendors on a daily basis to help them implement their deal registration program within our PRM system.  Time and time again we emphasize that one of the key reasons that a partner will utilize the overall system is to register deals.  Therefore, the system and the program must conform to the following three best practices:


  1. The program must be fair to all partners regardless of level within the vendor’s program.  The program must include instructions on how to register the deal, the process for approval (or rejection), and how the vendor will resolve conflicts between partners and their own internal sales team.
  2. The program must incorporate some level of incentive to encourage the partner to register the opportunities in the first place.  This could be in the form of special pricing / discounts, support from the vendor, or marketing funds.
  3. An easy to use system that allows the partner to update deal registrations on a regular basis allowing both the partner and the vendor to spend time selling and collaborating rather than updating various systems.

Think your program is utilizing these best practices or could you use some help?  Take a look at this article and video to learn more!

Above all, the key to any fair deal registration program is to make sure everyone understands the details of the program and how it works.  If a conflict occurs that could have been resolved simply by following the rules set forth in the program, you could have a very upset partner and possibly end user prospect.  This could mean severe challenges working with the channel for many years to come (see our recent blog post “Alligators in the Channel?” for more on this!).


Alligators in the channel?


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