Release: MDF Reminders, Expiring Balances & More

Updated March 22, 2023
Published in Our PRM Product, Release Notes

Our next release will be going live tomorrow Tuesday, March 19th and is all about MDF. View the release notes walkthrough video or read the details below.

Version 4.4.4 Walkthrough

Get a more in-depth explanation of the key new features:

MDF Balance Expiration

You can now set expiration dates on MDF balances issued to your partners. Any non-allocated balances automatically disappear once they expire.


MDF Email Reminders

Partners receive automatic email reminders of expiring balances, pending requests, and more.


Deal Registrations linked to MDF

Partners can now specify an MDF request as the source of a Deal in the Deal Registration module. This allows you to show the success of your MDF program with hard numbers.


Updated MDF Taxonomy

Requested MDF funds are now categorized as Requested, Allocated, and Reimbursed. Allocated MDF Requests have been pre-approved and are waiting for the partner to submit proof of performance documentation.


Turn off MDF Balances

The partner MDF balances functionality can now be completely turned off.


Deeper Brainshark Integration

Brainshark presentations can now be added to the Resource Library. The Brainshark tab can also be configured to display any Brainshark destination within Channeltivity.


Other Improvements

  • More MDF reports and reporting options
  • Add custom instructions to key partner-facing MDF pages
  • Search MDF Requests
  • MDF transactions audit trail
  • Improved MDF Workflow screen
  • Many tweaks and bugfixes


As always, there’s nothing that’s needed from you – all customers on the current cloud version will be automatically upgraded.


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