Release: Lead Assignment, MDF Reports & More

Updated March 22, 2023
Published in Our PRM Product, Release Notes

Our next release will be going live tomorrow Wednesday, April 10th. View the release notes video or read the details below.

Version 4.4.5 Video Walkthrough

Get a more in-depth explanation of the key changes:

Powerful Paging Controls

You can now specify the number of records to display per page on all listers system wide.


Assign Leads to Partner Organizations

Instead of assigning Leads directly to Users, admins can now assign them to the Partner Organizations themselves. Users at that Partner can then assign the Leads internally.


Improved MDF Reports

We’ve updated a number of our MDF reports based on customer feedback:

  • The “Issued Funds” amount on the MDF Dashboard and throughout the module now includes manual debit transactions. Most debit transactions are corrections to issued fund amounts so this makes the most sense.
  • Allocating funds to an MDF Request and then marking it as denied will prevent the allocated amount from showing up in the “Allocated” columns of historic reports.
  • You can now see the total of issued funds on the Partner Transaction Report page.
  • The MDF Partner Report now includes the “Issued Funds” column.

Other Improvements

  • Improved MDF layouts.
  • New Reminder: MDF Request hasn’t been updated in X days.
  • Many tweaks and bugfixes.


As always, there’s nothing that’s needed from you – all customers on the current cloud version will be automatically upgraded.


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