Friday’s Channeltivity Release: Admin, Data & Security Improvements

Our 4.4.0 release will be going live tomorrow Friday, November 9th. It focuses on security and increased usability and data consistency in the Admin module.

Here’s a breakdown of key improvements:


Security Settings

We’ve upgraded our security infrastructure and added a number of new features that you can access in the new Security Settings section:

  • Ability to require complex passwords and set a minimum password length.
  • Automatic User lockout after too many failed login attempts.
  • Improved encryption algorithms.
  • Ability to force Users to change their passwords at regular intervals.

Admin Module Usability

Updated Admin Dashboard

We updated the Admin module to improve data consistency and usability:

  • Updated Admin dashboard with easier access to frequently used functionality.
  • Improved User creation process that ensures that every user is assigned to the correct Organization.
  • Updated User details page with more consistent layout.
  • Combined User search and User listing pages for quicker filtering and searching.
  • Removed confusing “Testing Users” functionality
  • Simplified User status codes:
  • Active: This User has an active account and can log in.
  • Pending: This User has been sent a link to activate an account, but hasn’t activated it yet.
  • Inactive: This User is assigned to a non-active Organization. This usually happens when an Active Partner Organization gets deactivated.
  • Disabled: This User has been disabled by an administrator and cannot log in or receive Leads etc.

Other Improvements

Partner Details

  • Partner module: Improved layout and navigation of the Partner details page (see screenshot above).
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) integration with SproutLoud, a provider of distributed marketing solutions.
  • Manage Partner regions on a more granular level with state/provinces now available for all countries, not only United States and Canada.
  • Many bugfixes and other small improvements.

As always, there’s nothing that’s needed from you – all customers on the current cloud version will be automatically upgraded.