Friday’s Channeltivity Release: Admin, Data & Security Improvements

Updated March 22, 2023
Published in Our PRM Product, Release Notes

Our 4.4.0 release will be going live tomorrow Friday, November 9th. It focuses on security and increased usability and data consistency in the Admin module.

Here’s a breakdown of key improvements:


Security Settings

We’ve upgraded our security infrastructure and added a number of new features that you can access in the new Security Settings section:

  • Ability to require complex passwords and set a minimum password length.
  • Automatic User lockout after too many failed login attempts.
  • Improved encryption algorithms.
  • Ability to force Users to change their passwords at regular intervals.

Admin Module Usability

Updated Admin Dashboard

We updated the Admin module to improve data consistency and usability:

  • Updated Admin dashboard with easier access to frequently used functionality.
  • Improved User creation process that ensures that every user is assigned to the correct Organization.
  • Updated User details page with more consistent layout.
  • Combined User search and User listing pages for quicker filtering and searching.
  • Removed confusing “Testing Users” functionality
  • Simplified User status codes:
  • Active: This User has an active account and can log in.
  • Pending: This User has been sent a link to activate an account, but hasn’t activated it yet.
  • Inactive: This User is assigned to a non-active Organization. This usually happens when an Active Partner Organization gets deactivated.
  • Disabled: This User has been disabled by an administrator and cannot log in or receive Leads etc.

Other Improvements

Partner Details

  • Partner module: Improved layout and navigation of the Partner details page (see screenshot above).
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) integration with SproutLoud, a provider of distributed marketing solutions.
  • Manage Partner regions on a more granular level with state/provinces now available for all countries, not only United States and Canada.
  • Many bugfixes and other small improvements.

As always, there’s nothing that’s needed from you – all customers on the current cloud version will be automatically upgraded.


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