Channeltivity Customer Referral Program

The new Channeltivity referral program has been designed to thank any current Channeltivity customer who makes a warm referral to someone you think can benefit from the solution. When your referral signs a contract for Channeltivity, you receive a hearty THANK YOU gift from us.


You make a warm referral to us however you think it would be best received. Write a personal email introduction between your referral and us, or set up an intro phone call. If you prefer, we can send out an email to the referral using your name as a recommendation.


You will be rewarded within 30 days of the new customer signing a contract with Channeltivity.


We are fortunate to grow this company largely through referrals from advocates like you. We wanted to make sure we thank you for taking the time to talk about us and share your Channeltivity success story.

Want to learn more? Know someone that could benefit from Channeltivity? Contact us today!