Channel Service Partner

Channeltivity offers a unique service to its customers – a Global Ecosystem of Channel Experts. Whether you need help with channel marketing or your aim is to build an international channel, you can now find the right partner through Channeltivity.

Channeltivity provides the most comprehensive Channel Management Solution available. We have actively partnered with Channel Services’ companies who will be of real value to our customers.

Channel Services Partners include companies that assist with:

  • Channel Program Development — localization or industry specialization
  • Channel Marketing and Lead Generation
  • Channel Recruitment — to help you build your channel at home and abroad
  • Channel Training and Accreditation — get your channel up and running fast

All our partners are trained on the Channeltivity system and will be able to use your portal when they work for you. If you task one of our partners with recruiting a channel in Europe, you’ll be able to monitor their progress via your Channeltivity dashboard.

Click Here to talk with us about becoming a Channel Service Partner.