Zapier, Single Sign-On, and APIs

Zapier, Single Sign-On, and APIs

Unify Your Channel Infrastructure

You depend on several applications within your PRM ecosystem to grow and manage your channel. Channeltivity enables you to create a seamless experience for your partners through application integrations, Zapier, Single sign-on, and more.

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Plug and Play Integration

Channeltivity has a number of plug-and-play integrations so you can quickly connect all the channel management tools within your PRM ecosystem, whether marketing automation, e-learning, and more without the need to log in to each application. See a list of our partners here.

Zapier for Custom Automations

Zapier is an online automation tool that enables you to easily integrate Channeltivity with other systems to share information and automate your workflows. Connecting Channeltivity with Zapier opens a whole new world of point-and-click integrations (no coding required) with 1,000’s of web applications.

Designed using Open Standards

Easily configure Channeltivity to allow your Users to seamlessly log in to third-party applications using SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), an open standard for single sign-on. Channeltivity serves as the SAML Identity Provider to allow Single Sign-On (SSO) into any system that supports SAML 2.0.

An Implementation-ready API

Channeltivity’s Data API gives you full access to your data and enables you to build your own custom integrations. It is fully documented with many code snippets, working examples and our API workbench.