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Effortless data flow with your Salesforce CRM and Channeltivity's Channel Management. Configured in minutes, without IT.

Automate the flow of lead, deal registration and partner data between your Channeltivity Partner Relationship Management system and CRM to create a seamless experience for your sales organization.

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Create 360° Visibility

Channeltivity Salesforce Edition enables your channel program to have a powerful PRM and delivers real-time visibility to your entire organization through Channeltivity’s seamless flow of data gives finance access to MDF data and direct sales the full view of a customer, ensuring everyone gets the data they need wherever they are most accustomed to accessing it.

Seamless Flow of Data Between Channeltivity’s PRM and Salesforce’s CRM

Use your partner portal and PRM to interface with your partners, and Channeltivity’s Salesforce Edition to:

  • Synchronize Partner and Contacts records between the two systems. Create, update and view the records from within Salesforce and Channeltivity.
  • Quickly assign leads to partners in Channeltivity from within Salesforce.
  • View, approve, update, track and report on Deal Registrations from within Salesforce.
  • View a Partner Account’s key Channeltivity stats in Salesforce.

Connect in Minutes

Get started immediately. Configure the Channeltivity Salesforce Edition in minutes using our point-and-click wizard interface. Optimize your tools to increase channel management success.