MDF Co-op Fund Management

MDF Co-op Fund Management

Manage marketing funds, approve fund requests and track ROI.

The Marketing Development Funds Module simplifies the management of your entire MDF process, from allocation of funds to tracking their use by your partners.

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Complete Management of Your MDF Program

Easily configure the MDF module in Channeltivity to best fit your program’s needs, and ensure both you and your partners are making the most of your program:

  • From your partner portal, partners make requests, respond to inquiries, and view their MDF account balance and history. Documents such as receipts or backup documents for reimbursement can be attached.
  • Quickly approve Marketing Development Funding requests, assign them, or request additional documentation. Issue Funds and set fund expiration dates via the web interface, CSV or Channeltivity API.
  • Automated email notifications and reminders ensure everyone is kept in the loop.
  • Intelligent fund allocation ensures that expiring funds are used first.
  • Account balances and reimbursement statuses are tracked.
  • Track true ROI by linking deal registration to MDF-funded activities.

Real-time Visibility with the Marketing Development Fund Dashboard

The Marketing Development Funds Dashboard provides you a real-time view into requests, approved and disbursed funds and funding activity so you can focus your time on partners that need the most support.