HubSpot Edition

HubSpot Edition

Gain real-time pipeline visibility between your partner portal and HubSpot CRM.

Automate the flow of deal registration data between your Channeltivity PRM and HubSpot CRM. Configured in minutes, without IT.

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Create Pipeline Visibility

Channeltivity HubSpot Edition delivers real-time partner pipeline visibility to your entire organization. When your partner registers a deal in your portal, the deal is automatically available in your HubSpot CRM. With the Channeltivity HubSpot Edition, your channel team gets all the benefits of a powerful PRM while other stakeholders within your organization get the data they need in the CRM they are accustomed to using.

Seamless Data Flow Between Channeltivity’s PRM and HubSpot’s CRM

Your Channeltivity partner portal gives you the right tools to interface with your partners. With the Channeltivity HubSpot Edition, you can also view, approve, track and report on Deal Registrations from within HubSpot. Partner deal changes made in your portal automatically update in HubSpot to ensure everything stays in synch.

Connect in Minutes

Configure your Channeltivity HubSpot Edition in minutes using our point-and-click wizard interface. This enables you to get started immediately, without the need for IT. Maximize channel management success with the right tools.