Co-Branded Collateral

Co-Branded Collateral

Enable your partners to quickly create co-branded marketing materials on demand.

Create easily customizable templates from your collateral so your partners can co-brand what they need and get selling.

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When your organization sells through the channel, you entrust your partners with your brand. But often your partners don’t have the staff to create professional looking collateral or co-brand the materials you provide, leaving your team with the time-consuming task of customizing content for each partner.

With the Channeltivity Co-Branded Collateral module, your partners can easily customize your sales and marketing documents on-demand.

With the Co-Branded Collateral module:

  • Upload unlimited PDF collateral pieces.
  • Select which partner profiles and groups can see each document.
  • Define where you want your partners to add their custom content, including logos and contact information. You can choose to automatically populate the document with partner data already stored in Channeltivity.
  • Partners select the collateral they want, easily add their content, then download to start marketing.