Meghan McClelland, VP Product at Versity, recently sat down with us to talk about her experience with the Channeltivity Partner Relationship Management solution.

View the video to watch a part of our conversation.

“I’m Megan McClelland, VP of Product at Versity Software. We’re a company that works on data archiving. Our flagship product, VSM, is next-generation large scale archiving software that helps customers utilize commodity hardware to store data for the long term.

Versity has channel partners all over the world. We were using spreadsheets to track channel partners and activities, and we realized we were doing a lot of the same steps over and over again. There were some inefficiencies in the process that could be improved.

We chose Channeltivity because it has a modern look and feel and it had a really good process for onboarding customers. One of the pain points that we had was doing paperwork with customers and handing documents back and forth, back and forth, and Channeltivity made it really easy for us to automatically put information into the system, have the documents presented to the customers, and have the customer be able to review and sign those online.

Channeltivity emails us when important things happen and when deals need attention. It gives us statistics on important things like which documents in the library customers are using. It has a lot of features and functionality that we really like, which ultimately led us to the decision to use Channeltivity. We had looked at several other Partner Relationship Management solutions that didn’t just quite meet our needs in terms of functionality and benefits the way Channeltivity did.

We’ve gotten feedback from our partners that they really like Channeltivity. They like how easy it is to create an account, they like speaking to us over the platform and letting us know if there is work required, and they especially like having access to the library so that they can download relevant materials.

We do recommend Channeltivity software. It’s really easy to work with, the team has been really friendly, and it’s really a great tool for helping companies manage and grow their channel.”


About Versity: Versity is a leading independent provider of advanced, scalable, low TCO, high throughput software-defined archiving storage technology products. Organizations leverage the Versity Storage Manager (VSM) to implement data preservation strategies for long term storage, and retrieval of massive data stores, both on-premise and in the cloud. Versity currently manages over 1EB of archive storage across a customer base all over the world.